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My Beautiful Africa is an afrocentric Fashion,Travel and Lifestyle company  driven by a vision to  be the premiere afrocultural iconic brand and go to platform for African Cultural lifestyle lovers across the world.We are exclusively a lifestyle community with interest in African themed clothing and vacations. We combine Fashion,Travel  Lifestyle and use Technology  to create lovely travel experiences for the savvy traveller whose destination is Africa. Our vision is to help drive the positive side of Africa through our Fashion,Travel and Lifestyle experience. We achieve this by teaming up with partners in strategic alliances and deliver world class services and experiences to our esteemed clients. Our primary market is Africa and our secondary market is other destinations of the World. We are organisers of the Tourism and Technology Summit

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We offer effortlessly elegant lifestyle pieces  that represents the true essence of the spirit of Africa as part of our vacation packages. #ZOLA. A brand that seeks to define that untouchable quality that is evident yet not quite understood, visible and yet ethereal,revealing an uncanny attraction that is so magnetic for us as a people and merge this with the landscapes of Africa, connecting Afropolitans globally and giving them a feel of the beauty and elegance that embodies Africa.In creating this brand we delved into the sand dunes of the Sahara,the lush spectacles of the greens of the Savannah, the striking landscapes of the Veld and the breathtaking waterfalls and seas across the Continent, the pulsating colors that drift like aroma’s through the innumerable thick of its populace and the glistening moonlights that defines many unfathomable depths about the Continent.We deliver as packages, Bridesmaid ensembles, Modern Kaftans, personalised accessories that suits your style and vacation wardrobe.


We are a specialised travel company that handles varied vacation packages for clients tailored down to their budget,inclusive of packaged deals across board. We  also offer travel assistance to clients who wants to attend conferences and exhibitions worldwide.We focus majorly on affordable travel and simplifying the travel booking experience for customers. We are also organisers of the travel and tourism based Summit,Tourism and Technology Summit which holds annually in Lagos Nigeria.


We focus on lifestyle offerings—from spa’s concerts, sports, theatre, gyms, discounted rates for curated collections, amusement parks, dining, item purchases, and more. The team is continually sourcing new, high-value offers exclusive to that traveller who wants customized deliverables that leaves them with a memorable trip.We source delicate memorabilia and hand made ethnic products that satisfies the curious traveller. 


Tourism and Technology Summit 2020

Tourism and Technology Summit is our project driven by a vision to disrupt the Tourism industry in Africa through Technology.

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Our operational processes are technology based and we recommend devices that can enhance your travel experience. 

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We offer some of the best deals by delivering the most exquisite cosy hotel rooms and accomodation to make your trip memorable.

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We help you design
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We are fellow Nomads and travel is our gateway to creating those memories for you.

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